About Us

Quickie Marine and Fiberglass Repair, where speed meets precision in the maritime industry. Our unwavering mission is to revolutionize the marine industry by delivering unparalleled speed and efficiency. Gone are the days of interminable waits for boat repairs and services. At Quickie Marine, we’ve reimagined the timeline, ensuring your boat is swiftly restored to its prime.

Instead of enduring prolonged delays, you’ll find your boat swiftly in and out, measured in days, not weeks or months. Whether it’s comprehensive service work, water pump replacement, or even routine oil changes, we’re committed to having your boat prepped for pickup within a remarkably short span of time.

Quickie Marine stands as your premier destination for all your outboard service needs, promising to be your steadfast partner in Charleston. We’ve fused speed and precision to craft an experience that redefines efficiency in marine care.


Arrived at Folly for vacation, had an issue with my outboard and figured boat plans for the week were history. Called Mark with Quickie Marine and he told me to bring it to him. Within 10 min of arriving his crew had my problem figured out and had me on my way. Great guys that know what they are doing!! Will definitely keep their number if I need them in the future! Would highly recommend Mark and his crew!!

Todd J.

Capt Mark and crew go above and beyond at a fair price - I'll definitely bring my Scout 175 back to them in the future. Apart from a seasonal service, they repaired the steering and did some electrical rework - all is very neat and tidy and it's like having a new boat. Thanks Mark!

Byran S.

Captain Mark, Tyler, and his whole team did a fantastic job with my boat and trailer. After 7 years of use, it needed a lot of love, and they gave it just that! Gel coat looks amazing, and the new panel they installed for my GPS and controls looks fantastic. They do great, honest work. Highly recommended!

Reed S.