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About Us

At Quickie Marine, Our goal is to provide the fastest and most efficient service in the marine industry. There is no need to wait weeks, even months to have your boat repaired or serviced! With our unique appointment and scheduling process, we are able to get your boat in and out in days rather than weeks. For basic service work, water pumps, oil changes, etc., we can have your boat ready for pickup in a matter of hours! Quickie Marine will be your new one stop outboard service center that will provide you with the fastest service in Charleston. We are also certified applicators for CeremTech Protective coatings, which is the strongest marine clear coating on the market. With CeremTech Protective Coating, there is no need to ever wax your boat again! Come see us at Quickie Marine!


Are you tired of waiting weeks or even months to have your boat serviced? WITH OUR 48 HOUR RETURN POLICY we guarantee you your boat back for annual services, water pumps and basic service work. This is all made possible with our user friendly online booking service below.


If you are experiencing any issues with with your outboard or any electrical issues with your boat come see us for the cheapest DIAGNOSTIC in TOWN JUST $80 !! We can also install any electronics on your boat at a very reasonable rate.


At Quickie Marine we don’t stop at just general services we are able to do any and all outboard repairs.


We are proud to be the CeremTech certified applicators in Charleston. CeremTech will boost the lifespan of anything that it touches. It will save you thousands of $ in the long run. Come see us for your free test patch !


Bring your boat in for a complete makeover, we will strive to get her to looking new again. Rest assured that only the best marine products are used to ensure the lasting effects.


Contact us for all you hull repairs. No matter what the issues are will return it back to perfect condition.


100 Hour/Annual Service – 2 Stroke 50 HP and less $99 Plus Parts (approx $60) 50+ HP $199 Plus Parts (approx $100)100 Hour/Annual Service – 4 Stroke 50 HP and less $149 Plus Parts (approx $80) 50+ HP $265 Plus Parts (approx $120)20 Hour Service Includes Oil and Gear Lube Change $99 Plus Oil, Oil Filter and Gear Lube

Water Pump Change $220 Plus Parts (approx $25-$75)Carburetor Cleaning $169 Per Carburetor + Parts (Single Carbs) $189 Per Carburetor + Parts (Double Barrel Carbs)Fuel System Cleaning/Fuel Injected Four Strokes $450 Plus Parts


CeremTech Protective Coatings

Quickie Marine is also proud to boast that we are certified applicators for CeremTech protective coatings.

CeremTech is the strongest clear coat on the market and can be applied to any Steel, Paint, Gel coat or plastic.

We are able to restore and coat older boats making them look new again and coat new boats making their paint or Gel coat last twice as long at an affordable price.

CeremTech clear coats are :

  • 100 % UV resistant, so it stops any sun damage to paint or gel coat

  • Scratch resistant

  • Heat resistant up to 1800 degrees fahrenheit

  • Super hydrophobic therefore repelling all water, dirt, oil, salt. No longer any need for expensive cleaning products and waxes.

  • Adds substantial gloss and deep luster.

  • Stops all corrosion on anything coated

  • Permanent coating 

  • Chemical resistant

Boat Detailing Service

We offer a professional boat detailing service that will get your boat back into ship shape. Bring your boat in and give us the test. Our technicians are professional and pay great attention to every detail. Once detailed, get a quote from us to coat your boat in CeremTech so that she can stay that way for years to come. Let us do the hard work so that you can enjoy the ride !

Mobile Contracts

We offer very affordable maintenance contracts for those of you who have boats on a lift or on a dock. This service can be customized for your individual needs. Please call for more details and pricing.

Mobile Service

We offer a mobile service option unmatched to any of our competitors. Give us a call or make an appointment online for worry free maintenance at your choice of location.

Fiberglass and Gelcoat Repair

Fiberglass/Carbon fiber repairs of any and all types

-Gelcoat/paint repair

-Bottom paint

-Custom fabrication

-High performance vacuum bagging and resin infusion

-Bright work and varnishing

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